Trying To Find Reasons

We’ve all seen the banners predominantly ‘Make Us Dream’ which has featured quite frequently on twitter being one of the main trending hash-tags #makeusdream showing the popularity, hope and expectation of the loyal reds supporters. Those who have played Liverpool have become yet another stepping stone for them towards what seems to be our title to lose but what does this actually mean for Liverpool. In 3 extremely strenuous and nervous matches Liverpool will be 270 minutes away from lifting the Barclay’s Premier League for the very first time in the clubs history.

We as a club have over come so many hurdles on the way on and off the pitch.The remembrance of the 96 is always an upsetting time for everyone in football particularly our club.Dealing with the added emotions and feelings has shown how mentally strong the players have been especially since the turn of the year proven through this tremendous run we’ve been on. On the pitch this season we have overcome so many hurdles fighting back against teams after exhausting games like the Manchester City game. Resilience has been key for us showing we can get our selves up and motivated for the games we are expected to win which is something we struggled to do last season.

Trying to find reasons why we can’t win the league now has become very difficult; maybe were not ready, this is a year too early, we don’t have the depth in squad but, surprisingly we’ve answered these showing why we are the title favorites and people shouldn’t look any further for the name that will be inscribed on the premier league trophy.


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