Month: April 2014

Why I Hate Buses

My respect for Jose Mourinho has gone out of the window with that last performance against Liverpool. We all know Chelsea have an array of Attacking talents many teams would dream of having; Hazard, Oscar, Willian, Schurrle to name a few which is only part of the reason I do not understand Jose Mourinho. I have spoken to several Chelsea fans who have said recent performances against Atletico Madrid and Liverpool have been outstanidng? to which I responded “you enjoy watching your team be completely outclassed by footballing talent and sitting in wait for the other team to attack”. Responses varied from “we won, didn’t we” and “The game panned out as we planned” responses such as these are one of many, many reasons I have a strong dislike for Chelsea and everything they are about.

The term parking the bus could never be more apparent, sitting in wait for 90 minutes is just a complete waste of Abramovich’s money, he would have found it a lot cheaper to spend the money he did on the players above on defenders, which they seem to be now. Understandable this was a good result for Chelsea but as a Liverpool fan, you would think they would show the respect to play against us toe to toe.

As a final word, I wish Mr Mourinho all the best in getting knocked out of the Champions League and coming third in the league.


The top 10 players in the Champions League this season

Hey Guy’s here is an interesting look at the Champions League this year

Football Counts

Photo supplied by UEFA Champions League via Creative Commons License Photo supplied by UEFA Champions League via Creative Commons License

All the players featured in this list have been placed in accordance to their statistical ratings supplied by The satistics take in to account a number of  variables before giving each player a score to two decimal places out of ten.

10. Raúl García

The versatile central midfielder may be a surprise inclusion in this list but he’s been part of an Atletico Madrid side that currently sit top of the Liga BBVA. His pass success percentage is a modest 56.8% and he wins on average 4.9 aerials duels per game. rating- 7.81

9. Franck Ribéry

The French winger has scored 3 goals and managed 1 assist with an average of 2.3 shots per game. His pass success percentage is an impressive 86.1% which reflects the type of football Bayern now play under Pep Guardiola. rating –

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Trying To Find Reasons

We’ve all seen the banners predominantly ‘Make Us Dream’ which has featured quite frequently on twitter being one of the main trending hash-tags #makeusdream showing the popularity, hope and expectation of the loyal reds supporters. Those who have played Liverpool have become yet another stepping stone for them towards what seems to be our title to lose but what does this actually mean for Liverpool. In 3 extremely strenuous and nervous matches Liverpool will be 270 minutes away from lifting the Barclay’s Premier League for the very first time in the clubs history.

We as a club have over come so many hurdles on the way on and off the pitch.The remembrance of the 96 is always an upsetting time for everyone in football particularly our club.Dealing with the added emotions and feelings has shown how mentally strong the players have been especially since the turn of the year proven through this tremendous run we’ve been on. On the pitch this season we have overcome so many hurdles fighting back against teams after exhausting games like the Manchester City game. Resilience has been key for us showing we can get our selves up and motivated for the games we are expected to win which is something we struggled to do last season.

Trying to find reasons why we can’t win the league now has become very difficult; maybe were not ready, this is a year too early, we don’t have the depth in squad but, surprisingly we’ve answered these showing why we are the title favorites and people shouldn’t look any further for the name that will be inscribed on the premier league trophy.

Borussia Dortmund vs Real Madrid Champions League 2nd Leg Preview

the last match between these two was a bit of a mix match with Real running out comfortable winners winning 3 – 0 at home which left Klopp rather unpleased by the lack of creativity and solidness at the back. Dortmund will face the galacticos at home and with the wall of yeloow behind them they will be hopefully lookijng for a rejuvenated performance.

Borussia Dortmund

Dortmund will welcome the return of Robert Lewadoski their leading scorer who immediately got back to scoring ways in the last league match. With Reus also getting on the scoresheet this weekend with one of the easiest goals he will ever score. Dortmudn will be looking for a way to please quite a disappointing season for them allowing Bayern to win the league this season a week earlier than last year.

Real Madrid

Madrid in their eyes will already feel like the job is done because with the current Dortmund squad as it is they will be facing nothing less than a uphill struggle to even score against the galacticos. The fire power of BBC (Bale Benzema Cristiano) will just be a step too far for Dortmund the inferior defence will quiver and shake at their mere presence in the box and this will most certainly be another massive stride forward for the Spanish giants to taking the Champions League.

I am a massive fan of what Ancelotti is doing at Real turning them into a team rather than the group of superstars which we saw under Jose and for that reason I think that Real will win comfortable 2 – 0.

Chelsea vs PSG Champions League 2nd Leg Preview

In the first leg it was a tale of two half’s with Chelsea dominating the first, which then saw Paris come out triumphant in the second meaning that the 1st leg finished 3 – 1 to PSG. Strangely in the second half we all saw a Chelsea back five like never before with a catalogue of errors which played a vital part in the second and third goal for the home team. Despite the poor defensive performanceChelsea did manage an away goal which without it would put them out of this tie.


Chelsea under Jose Mourinho have a spectacular record which has sent them go unbeaten at the Bridge which they will undoubtedly want to continue against PSG. Chelsea need 2 unanswered goals to see them through on away goals but that’s half of the problem can they really contain such a free flowing side like PSG who will inevitable hit Chelsea on the counter. It’s important for Chelsea to make sure they play the right attacking team because last time playing Schurrle in such a compromising position was their downfall.


Paris will be looking to shut any Chelsea attacks down quickly with a high pressing mentality with players like Lavezzi and Lucas Moura. They are without Zlatan so will have a slightly weakened side but with replacements like Cavani it doesn’t bode well for the opposition bearing in mind his and Lavezzi’s expose at Chelsea a few seasons back. It will be a real disappointment for PSG if they don’t get through with the money they spent in the summer and the current aggregate score they possess.

For me being English and a Liverpool supoporter it would be nice to see Chelsea go through not just to make our league proud as we have suffered in recent years poor showings in the latter stages but, as a Liverpool fan it would give Chelsea something else to think about as well as the title chase which may make them slip up. On the night I can see them winning 2 – 0 with an Eden Hazard penalty and the winner coming from Oscar.

Do They Feel Stupid Now?

United fans have mocked us for years now how the fallen giants will not return to former glory, oh how the tables have turned. This year has seen the sleeping giant in a resurgent effort to potentially become 2013/14 premier league winners with an unbelievable effort by a team who has been brandished as a mid table side without Luis Suarez according to Gus Poyet who managers a lowly Sunderland with sour grapes.

It is so sudden how things can change as we found out and how United fans have found out proving that not all managerial choices are the best for any given club. In one instance we had a club legend like Kenny in charge who may not have been the correct choice at the time but, he did however set some standards for the Rodgers side of today. In complete contrast the United side had already been on the decline for many years now with players ageing and being brought out of retirement, so much for the youth policy at United. With no disregard for the United players with experience they were being wasted in roles which could be shared with a younger deputy who they could set an example for, seeing them through for years to come after their departure. Fergie never really prepared the side for his departure probably picking the correct time to press the ejector seat button knowing that his and the clubs nightmare were about to become a reality. The chosen one was thrown into the job right at the deep end with such a monumental hole in the club being left and with the old boss leaving, so did the United we are used to seeing and most importantly the fear factor. Clubs are now playing Manchester United and thinking that they can win. Old Trafford was like a Colosseum, whoever played their knew they would have done well to come out a live especially escaping with a point or in most cases victims of Fergie time.

With such a prestigious club like Manchester United everyone knew that there demise would be hilarious to all those by standers who for years lived in fear of that very fixture they now mark on the calendar as an assured 3 points. In a role reversal teams are just looking at the fixture list praying that they haven’t got Liverpool next and aren’t seeing such devastating attacking displays on Match of the day that evening reliving every moment. Possible one of my all time favorite Liverpool banners ‘ The carefully chosen one’ is just one of countless digs at United and the joke of a side they have showing that any sides time at the top is limited and needs to be appreciated.

Real Madrid vs Borussia Dortmund Champions League 1st Leg Preview

This plans to be one of the best ties of the round including two of the most explosive sides in world football, with both teams filled to the brim with stupidly fast players like; Cristiano Ronaldo, Gareth Bale, Marco Reus and Eric Aubameyang just to name a few. With such an exciting tie it will be difficult to focus on anything else but this so I suggest you stop whatever you are doing and prepare to watch an hour and half of tantalizing football.

Real Madrid

Real are bidding to make it into double figure and win their tenth Champions League a feat never reached by a team before. This side are looking a lot better than previous efforts which relied solely on Ronaldo. This year he is accompanied by a host of superstars who are living up to their reputations making this side a team of team mates and friends not ego’s like it was under Mourinho. Obviously the stand out players separate the two sides Ronaldo and Bale probably the best two wingers on either flank in the game.

Borussia Dortmund

This side never lacks charisma and charm always going out to give the wonderful fans they have the best performance possible which is the minimum requirement from their boss Klopp. They will pose a threat of their own through Poland’s finest Robert Lewandoski who is no stranger to such challenging games. The place to worry will be the back four for Dortmund because of the irregular injuries that have occurred meaning that the best back four have barely played together this season making them vulnerable to counter attacks with Bale and Ronaldo’s blistering pace.

Real really should be winning thi game comfortable if they are to become the champions of Europe because they will face much harder sides in the later fixtures of the tournament. 3-1 would be an accurate guess because Real are known to switch off sometimes after building up comprehensive leads

PSG vs Chelsea Champions League 1st Leg Preview

Of all the draws in the Champions League this year this has got to be the most exciting for me with how the two contrasting sides will go out and break each other down. For both managers it is the first time they will have chance to play each other with these teams as both coaches took over their sides at the start of the season, Jose for Rafa and Laurent for Ancelotti.


Paris have been superb this season leading their own domestic league by some margin leaving the other French sides trailing behind. There are a number of reasons why PSG will be a challenge for Chelsea such as the dynamic midfield they have with the talent of Motta, Veratti and especially Matuidi the box to box player much like the oppositions Ramires. Possible the biggest reason that PSG will roll through Chelsea is the big man up top Zlatan. Ibrahimovic is on a unbelievable streak of scoring form which is going to create absolute havoc and carnage for Terry and Cahill.


The blues have been a particularly good side this year but at times have missed the finishing touch a world class striker can bring with all the Chelsea strikers hitting measly numbers in terms of goals. On the opposite end of the pitch thee have been no complaints at all with the conduct of the blues back four and Cech who have been extremely impressive this year. Chelsea have not lost under Mourinho at home which begs the question can hey do it away from home so they don’t leave it all to do while the return leg at Stamford Bridge.

Looking at the overall look of the tie it is set up for big performances from the giants from France, who will undoubtedly find a way to pierce the Chelsea back line. As predictions go it will probably finish 2-0 to PSG.

One Game at a Time

It has been on all of our minds what does Liverpool need to do to take the clubs first ever premier league title ending the drought of 24 years without a league title.  Interview afetr interview with Liverpool players and manager alike have all said they are taking one game at a time a cliche in world football. Often we hear managers and players saying this as an excuse not to loom forward as not too put pressure on themselves relieving it from those competing against them.

This mantra has seen Liverpool regain the top spot in the premier league where they rightfully deserve to be since the turn of the year being undeafted in the league. In that time they have faced many a good team namely; Arsenal, Southampton, Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspurs winning them all convincingly but before and after each game the mantra remained one game at a time which is becoming quite the footballing philosophy around Anfield. What this mantra means for the players; they really have one thing to look forward to not “oh we have Spurs next week” but ” we are paying Sunderland today and our main priority is the 3 points here today” this philosophy has seen the side look a lot more convincing against the smaller league side and most importantly the recently promoted sides that in previous years we have struggled greatly against. Liverpool have dispatched the majority of the smaller sides a part from the obvious hiccup against Hull City (a newlty promoted side).

Looking at only the immediate future and focussing on the next game has ensured that anything else going on outside of the club is not a distraction like the dubious claims of Jose Mourinho. Without the distractions of last years incident involving Luis’ and his ban we have remained quite quiet in terms of on and off field antics meaning there has been no particular emphasis on our players. Surprisingly the media have left Liverpool to their own devise this season without the usual speculation of our best players leaving and ownership changes. The stability of the side and club could stem from the calmness of the backroom staff who work with the players everday on and off the pitch ensuring happiness in all aspects of their life. Raheem Sterling is one who springs to mind when talking of a calming factor, as he has thanked and praised Rodgers for his help settling hiom into the side this season allowing him to express himself more freely.