Fear Factor

This season has seen Liverpool break yet another record which for us shows exactly the fire power at Brendan Rodgers’ disposal. In 11 games this season we have scored 4 or more goals a record previously held by manchester United who had 10 to their name. What signigicance does this record have and what does it mean? Liverpool are a force to be reckoned with, with a array of attacking talents who all seem to be on very fine form. Luis suarez being our marquee striker already hitting 29 goals in the premier legaue with six games remaining, who is accompanied by the second top goal scorer in the league Daniel Sturridge who has 20 goals complimenting those of his partner. Between the two they have 49 goals and are bidding to be the most lethal strike force in the premiership with a record of 55 goals still to be beaten. Obviously the strikers usually the take the head lines but with such young creative sparks assisting at every opportunity its no wonder why. Phillipe Coutinho has been an absolute class act this year helping out in all areas of the field dribbling from out wide and breeching enemy lines with delicate through balls. Raheem Sterling has been one of the best young players in the premier league this season gaining yet another man of the match against a rather lack luster Spurs side who faced ANOTHER drumming from the red men.

The fear factor is starting to get into Anfield visitors heads already putting them a yard behind the Liverpool players on the pitch. The vast majority of teams are now going to the home of the reds expecting a loss which is compliment to how Brendan Rodgers sets out his side. There are various things the other team fear about Liverpool this year but it’s mainly because of a certain Luis Suarez. With teams focussed on cutting him out of the game, other players have been able to step up and score goals taking the limelight from him which has helped him get more involvment in games. A very underrated part of Liverpool’s team, has been the importance of Steven Gerrard’s role setting up attacks. Gerrard is always in a pocket just ahead of the two centre backs which is a similar role to what he oplays for England which then allow him to pick up the ball and string play together. The passing range he has available is amazing, short, long range, outside of the foot you name it he can do it. A particular example of his ability to pass was his assist for Daniel Sturridge’s goal against Fulham at the Cottage.


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