BPL Contenders and Pretenders

The topic of football talk just lately has been largely around who will win the Barclay’s Premier League, up and down the country supporters have been debating who will eventually take the title. It’s time for you to have your say but first we need to evaluate the potential winners of the 13/14 season.


Arsenal were many people’s favorite before Christmas showing displays that could only be described as title winning. Throughout the team you could see a unity which has been lacking in previous years, this shows that the continuity within the club same staff, players and managers should be an ethos implemented by all clubs. In terms of the title challenge Arsenal have dropped off slightly; could this be due to pressure or the longevity of the season but, with no doubts in my mind will Arsenal still be pushing right to the last.


Chelsea under Mr Mourinho have been formidable winning at any cost, whether it be a scrappy 1-0 victory or just outclassing the opponents. Chelsea this season have been ruthless closing up shop after they managed to breech the opponents defenses usually resulting in a Eden Hazard goal. The young Belgian has been the bright spark for Chelsea who themselves have an array of attacking options. What has made them so successful this season is the partnership at the back between Terry and Cahill who have been superb stopping many of the leagues finest attackers.


Liverpool have been the the surprise package this season bearing in mind previous disappointments since the departure of Rafa Benitez. The allure of striking ability in the squad is unquestionable with possible the best strike partnership in Europe’s top 5 leagues. Liverpool have already surpassed their goals scored in one season with 7 games remaining which is proof of this seasons mantra “you score 4, we’ll score 5”.

Manchester City

City have been undeniable one of the most attractive teams to watch this season with captivating performances throughout exemplifying the importance of the league to the club. City easily have the most depth in their squad which is shown via 3 strikers all passing 20 goals in all competitions. City are in pole position with 2 games in hand over Chelsea and are 3 points behind meaning; if they win the games in hand they will go 3 points clear with all still to play.

Now it is time to cast your vote and let us see who you think will win the league.


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